• 17 Jun 2020

    New case study - A park to manage rainwater in Brno

    The Covenant Signatory Brno (Czech Republic) is using green infrastructure to tackle urban challenges related to climate change!

    During torrential rains, Brno's district of Nový Lískovecsuffered from overloaded sewerage. The insufficient capacity of the rainwater sewage system prevented further housing construction in the district and increasing the capacity of the sewer system was extremely costly. The district, in a cooperative process with residents, came up with an alternative solution: a park with a lake, retaining the rainwater from the neighboring flats.

    The park was funded by the City of Brno, Brno – Novy Liskovec district, and the State Environmental Fund (17%). The remaining amount was funded by the EU Cohesion Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.

    The lake, which has an operating level of 630 m2, receives the rainwater flowing from the roofs of the three neighbouring blocks of flats. During torrential rains, the  operating level of the lake can reach up to 890 m2. The rainwater flows from the roofs to the lake by a system of tubes and the last 50 metres of these tubes in an open canal.

    Besides establishing an innovative rainwater management solution in an urbanised area, thus reducing the stress on the sewage system, the project produced a wide range of environmental and social benefits. The park is a completely natural habitat in which the water is oxygenated when flowing through a rocky trough and purified by the living organisms in and around the lake. Hence, no technical equipment is needed to clean the water and in case of water shortage for the proper functioning of the lake’s habitat, this can be replenished from a deep well near the park.

    The existence of the lake results in the creation of a microclimate with humidity, lower temperatures and dust. The are is now home to a wide variety of animals and plant species and also became a recreational space for its residents!

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    picture credits: Novy Liskovec district