• 20 May 2020
    15:00 - 16:15

    Webinar - Integrated Renovation Programmes and One-Stop-Shops

    Organiser: Others

    Integrated Renovation Programmes and One-Stop-Shops:the Innovate experience - 20 May, 15-16:15

    This webinar will focus on One-Stop-Shops for energy renovation and on the experience of the EU-funded Innovate project. From the INNOVATE partners, the French partner, Énergies Demain, will share its experience and expertise on the subject.

    Agenda & Registration

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    - EuroACE - Eva Brardinelli, Communications and Events Officer eva.brardinelli@euroace.org

    - Energy Cities - Thibaut Marquin, Project Manager thibaut.maraquin@energy-cities.eu