• 04 Feb 2020

    Official launch of the EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award 2021

    European Committee of the Regions (Bâtiment Jacques Delors - Room JDE 52) Rue Belliard 99-101, 1040 Brussels
    Organiser: European Institutions

    The International Trade Centre and European Commission's Directorate General for Trade will introduce the 2nd edition by covering eligibility, evaluation criteria, key milestones as well as the application form and process.

    The morning will also feature multiple presentations on sustainability practices, past case stories as well as feedback from 2018 winner, Ghent.

    The city of Ghent was recognized with the 2019 award title for their pioneering and inclusive city strategy that will affect not only their local community, but the greater trade industry.

    The Award benefits include:

    • EU and UN recognition and international exposure.
    • Participation in the official Award Network Events providing an opportunity to learn about best practice from other cities and experts.
    • The winner receives support for local activities and a development project.


    >> https://www.trade-city-award.eu/